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We Love Copper.

So much, in fact, that we've created a whole collection of the stuff! :0)

There are so many reasons to love copper as a material for use in the creation of unique and funky pieces of furniture and lighting.

It's thought that more than 65% of all copper that has ever been mined is still in use today, having been recycled over and over again. Copper’s ability to be repeatedly recycled and reused, and to maintain its level of performance, makes it highly sustainable. And you know here at The Funky Monkey Furniture Company we love to recycle and repurpose.

The Copper Collection

Copper is tactile. Not only that, but scientific studies demonstrate copper’s ability to kill bacteria and so surfaces made from copper provide a more hygienic environment. That can't be a bad thing, surely? Especially when it's used to create beautifully smooth surfaces and handles, always being touched by different hands.

Copper is pliable and versatile and because of this, the average home contains more than 180 kilos of copper, hidden away in electrical wiring, home appliances and often pipework. We can't imagine why we wouldn't want to put such an attractive material on full view when it can look so incredibly stunning and striking, its warm tones on show for all to see and appreciate every day.

So take another look at the copper in your home and afford it the respect it deserves. It's probably been around for a lot longer than we have and it's still doing its job incredibly well.

And, if you don't have any copper on display, go get some! ;0)

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