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Here at Funky Monkey we have been busy. Creating new ideas and designs isn't always easy. To be truly creative you have to have your mind in the right place and be focused. Once the concept arrives you start to mould the idea into a reality. The idea can be sparked from something simple that is seen in an obscure place or passed by in a hurry. I like to use all types of materials to achieve the end result, creating one off unique pieces that can be enjoyed by all. Recently we've used Dexion and reclaimed scaffold board to achieve fabulous industrial look book shelving and storage units. This idea simply came from being in a parts store and adapting the idea.........

Custom made book shelving created from Dexion and reclaimed timber gives this customer's living room a cool industrial vibe

As I continue to find my resources for funky furniture from all that has become redundant or left to rust away, it's interesting to know it once had a history and life all of its own, possibly in a different capacity. Commercial as Dexion once was, it is still used today (we prefer the vintage rusty stuff!). It can be seen from this 1978 ad that hangs on my office wall.

Times have changed and what once was is becoming no longer. How things have moved on. However, what has been left behind can still have a new life, a new use and be enjoyed again. Now who would have thought that 40 years on?

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