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What does circular economy really mean?

Do a search on the term 'circular economy' and you'll be bombarded with articles talking about "extractive industrial models", "decoupling economic activity", "close-loop systems" and building "economic, natural, and social capital".

It all sounds very impressive (and, let's be honest, a little mind boggling!?) but what on earth does it all actually mean?

If you remove all the jargon and put it in plain and simple terms, a circular economy is about sharing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling. The aim is to minimise (or completely eliminate) waste, pollution and, therefore, carbon emissions. By keeping products and materials in use instead of continually making new and then discarding things as soon as we get a little tired of them, we can be a great deal kinder to the environment. It's really just about being alot greener.

Let's take our vintage and reclaimed collections for example. Every item in these collections was discarded because it was no longer fashionable or fit for its original intended purpose. So someone threw it out. We could have let these things go to landfill, adding to the vast mountains of waste that already accumlate across the globe. Instead, we chose to be a part of this 'circular economy' and we recycled, refurbished, repaired, refinished, repurposed... You get the idea. :0)

It has to be said, a lot (granted, not all) of new furniture today is mass produced and is unlikely to last more than a few years. On the contrary, a lot of vintage pieces were designed and built to last; quality workmanship and durable materials mean they've withstood the test of time.

Every week, here at Funky Monkey HQ, we salvage and give a new lease of life to original antique and vintage furniture (and all sorts of other items!) that already has an interesting story to tell, turning it in to something fabulous and funky, bringing it up to date, making it stylish once again so it can be enjoyed in our homes for many more years to come.

When it comes to furniture, giving a little consideration to how we create our own comfortable environment can go a long way towards being much kinder to the planet as a whole.

So now we know what it means, we can all do our bit to be a part of this 'circular economy'. We already are! :0)

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